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Do you want the ultimate Fall or Halloween decoration for your corporate event, to display at your business or perhaps to simply have the most amazing jack o lantern on your block?

A GIANT pumpkin can satisfy this desire.

Few things are more impressive and get more attention than a GIANT pumpkin, it is the perfect way to bring people into your business and set yourself apart. Consider a guess the weight contest to engage your customers and gain valuable information. 


The average cost of a giant pumpkin is $2.00 per pound. Pumpkins that have extra ordinary beauty may cost more, likewise pumpkins that have an ‘interesting’ look to them are sold at a discount. Growers may be willing to negotiate on the price of pumpkins. 

 - How to order – 

Send us an email, please include your name, phone number, What you plan to use the pumpkin for, location of event, and how large of the pumpkin you are looking for, including your budget is helpful but not always necessary. 


Delivery is included with the cost of the pumpkin in the greater Denver area, make sure you are equipped to unload the pumpkin once it arrives. 


The RMGVG will reach out to our growers to see who has a pumpkin matching what you are looking for and put you in touch with that grower. It is advised to get your orders in ASAP, The demand is high and supply is low.  


The grower will always reserve the right to retrieve the seeds from the pumpkin once it has fulfilled its purpose. A deposit may be taken to insure this. 

-Post harvest- 

Once the giant pumpkins are taken from the patch they are usually entered into a weight contest. After the contest the pumpkin is free to be moved on to it’s next use. Coordinate with your grower to make sure the timing of your event will not interfere with a weigh off. 

Once the pumpkin is picked we CANNOT guarantee how long it will last. Typically pumpkins can last for several weeks after they are picked but this is not a guarantee. 

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