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ABOUT was started in 2006 after a hailstorm destroyed Gary Grande’s, the current GPC President, prize pumpkin plant. Wanting more growers to compete and share information with; and RMGVG was born. The club rapidly grew and in 2016 Gary, The Wiz, handed off the club to a group of dedicated growers. This group has formed a board that now leads the Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers. The collaboration of the board has carried on the tradition of growing the club and has resulted in new members that join year-round. The board consist of 10 elected members, see below.

Executive Board


Jason S.

Vice President

Brad B.


Calvin W.

Membership Coordinator

Anna B.


Brian M.

Board Members

Joe S.

Andy C.

Chad N.

Mark S.

Sue J.

Teresa R.


Through the Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers Club, there are yearly weigh-offs and prizes for the heaviest, prettiest, ugliest pumpkins (and more!) See the home page for the location and dates. 

Jared's Nursery and Garden Center, Nicks Garden Center, Fort Collins Nursery and Smith Farms hosts the official GPC weigh-offs each year where hundreds of families show up to see the giants. Other categories include: tomatoes, sunflowers, long gourds, green squash and more! There is always plenty to do and see for kids and Big kids at the weigh-offs, see you there!


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