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An unheated PVC hoophouse can be a useful addition to your garden. It keeps excessive rain off the plants, blocks the wind, raises daytime temperatures 5-10 degrees and often much more, and keeps frosts and heavy dew off the leaves. This can extend your warm season gardening a month or more at both ends, and makes it possible for yearround gardeners to grow a wider variety of plants through the winter..

Getting started early demands a Hoop House.


We will show you here how to build one. Approximate cost was $50 without the special greenhouse plastic. We purchased special green house plastic that breathes, yet still protects against frost damage.

Supplies needed: four 2x4 boards, Exterior screws, Greenhouse plasticm glue or bracketsm screwdriver, sawm pvc piping


1.  Cut your 2 X 4's to measure 2 @ 6 ft long each. And 2 @ 5' 8 1/2 inches.


3.  Assemble the frame by screwing the corners together....We like to use Exterior Wood Screws since the screws will rust quickly outside. You can reinforce the corners with some brackets or glue before you screw it together. Gorilla glue works wonders! Make sure to dampen the surface first.


2.  We added more support on our corners this year by cutting an inset into the longer board using a jigsaw. When put together, the frame will measure 6' X 6'. If you have longer plastic then you can make your hoop house bigger. 


4.  Once you have assembled all four corners, place your frame outside to await the rest of the hoop house.

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