Our mission is to introduce and provide a means of sharing information and friendship within the art, sport, and challenge of growing giant pumpkins, and vegetables across the Rocky Mountain region. "For what we grow today, we shall grow BIGGER tomorrow."




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How To

Here you'll find resources to help you grow giant vegitables.

How to Grow Giant Pumpkins

One of the main reasons you're here. We show you how to grow giant pumpkins.

How to Build a Hoop House

Getting started early demands a Hoop House. We will show you here how to build one. Approximate cost was $50 without the special greenhouse plastic. We purchased special green house plastic that breathes, yet still protects against frost damage.

How to Grow Long Gourds

A "LONG" thank you to our fine friends from the Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario (GVGO) for the use of this article.

How to Grow Giant Tomatoes

Great information on how to grow giant tomatoes Written by: John Lyons - G.V.G.O.

Bob MacKenzie's record Squash

How Bob MacKenzie grew his 1063.5 2005 World Record Squash