Our mission is to introduce and provide a means of sharing information and friendship within the art, sport, and challenge of growing giant pumpkins, and vegetables across the Rocky Mountain region. "For what we grow today, we shall grow BIGGER tomorrow."




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Our Mission is to introduce and provide a means of sharing information and friendship within the Art, Sport, and Challenge of growing Giant Pumpkins, Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables across the Rocky Mountain Region….

"For what we do today, we shall do better tomorrow."

We offer to you our Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers Club membership. Membership dues and renewals are $35.00 USD. All fees go towards the support of the RMGVG Organization, Website, Annual newsletter, events and promotions for our club and its member supporters.

Your club membership includes the following benefits for. ***Eligible for the annual seed give-away our Seed Promotional package from our growers with our best genetics from this year’s grow. Heavy, BIG, Orange, Atlantic Giant Genetics, Mile High Sunflowers, Field pumpkins, Green Squash Seeds. ALL proven to grow over a mile above sea level. Quantities will be limited, first come first reserved. Subject to the first 75 registered.

*** Club meetings…The Spring Meet & Greet ….. Our Patch Tour & Picnic with free luncheon for paid club members, giveaways, club discounts, come meet your fellow growers, share your energy and information with others. Enjoy our website…Learn how to GROW THEM BIG. ***Club members eligible for GPC awards and Prizes and give a ways at the meetings..... *** Our Club Electronic Newsletter is full of club information, recipes, and grower information, all the latest growing tips and advice from across the US, Canada and Europe………2-3 electronic newsletters per year, share with your fellow growers… ***For New members……Our Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers Club Tee Shirt. Renewing club members who want new GrowZ’em shirts are available for $20 plus shipping and to be available soon on our website


***Membership period covers JAN to JAN***

Pleasemake checks payable to:

Chad New C/O RMGVG 
13722 E. Quincy Ave. 
Aurora, CO 80015 USA or we do PayPal! Please include 2$ for your convenience fee if PP.


We thank you for helping support our club.